We Shall Reap if We Don’t Faint – Testimony

40 Days of Reconciliation Series MISCELLANEOUS

By Herbert Byaruhanga.  Edited by Emmanuel Many.

Mr. Herbert Byaruhanga with his wife Ketra

I am very much credited to remember our useful days how we used to keep closer to God. We used to have frequent youth conferences in the local churches, from small to larger assemblies. We would have dedicated prayer and fasting days as individuals and as groups. We would visit some hills or the foot of Mt. Muhabura for prayer. There we would read scriptures and one of us would explain, as guided by the Holy spirit.  Others would testify how they were encouraged by the sharing. We would sing songs of praise and worship and then pray for several items mentioned by members.

During Bible studies, we would meet on Fridays and sing songs of praise and worship, then pray.  We would use written Bible questions.  A leader would ask a question and the members would give answers after reading the text.  The leader would often complement and conclude every question. After the Bible study we would pray together and go home. This enabled us to grow spiritually everyday.

There are some heroes who have fought a good fight with me and they have remained spiritual pillars in my salvation journey.  Some of them we walked 80 kilometers together on foot, from Kisoro to Kabale for conferences. During this time, revival was at its peak and love among brethren was the key point!  This kept us in love and much closer to God.  

I pray that those who have left salvation come back to our Lord Jesus Christ!  I want to encourage everyone that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.  We shall reap if we do not faint.

I attribute my spiritual growth by that time to specific people (available on Facebook as tags only).

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