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Before any society existed, God instituted the family when He created Adam and Eve.  From these two more families and clans were born.  Societies emerged as well as tribes, and eventually nations came into existence.  It all started from the family.  In cases where all these structures were destroyed the family remained.  In serious cases of disobedience, a whole family would be punished and removed from the face of the earth.[1]  Notably, sin starts from an individual, integrated in the family, tolerated by the clan, adopted by the community and eventually a whole nation becomes abominable.  Would you trace the focal point at which this should have been stopped?  The family level!

Abraham and his offspring remained obedient to God.  God remained close to Abraham’s offspring.  In fulfillment of His promise to Abraham, God brought the Israelites into Canaan to form a mighty nation, Israel.

At the time of gross rebellion, God let other nations conquer Israel.  The time Romans controlled Jerusalem was a very testing period.  See how even the priests who served God could not recognize Him when He appeared before them in human form!  This is a clear indication they had wandered away from Him.  They had taken everything for granted, as though they were the Masters and no one else could undo what they decided.  They were conceited.  When Jesus appeared to them, they couldn’t handle it.  The only option they had was to murder Him.  What a shame!

When God’s people went astray, a few individuals and families remained focused and He remained close to them.  One of these obedient families was of Joseph and Mary, who God gave the privilege to be the earthly parents of Jesus.  They obeyed God and He honored them with this privilege.

As the Gospel of Christ is preached all over the world daily, we see individuals and families denouncing rebellion and returning to God through His son Jesus Christ.  As individuals continue to be saved one by one, Churches have been populated with Christian individuals and families.  Unfortunately, we all have wondered away and turned Church a social belonging where we can develop people to love their Church but do very little that challenges them to seek God or influence the world positively. 

Before we realized we had lost influence, just a virus threat closed our pride! I am referring to effect of the Covid-19 threat (2020). Nevertheless, we must respect the order to ‘keep home and be safe’.  Consider this as an opportunity seek God as a family. If we don’t, how can we keep our families together? 

If a married couple does not know God and are entirely preoccupied with earthly treasures above righteousness, in their process of knowing one another they will also adopt each other’s vices.  If there’s no fear of God in them they will likely adopt any habits and behavior that only benefits them.  Such a family will nurture children who do not know God and who pursue their own interests just like their parents.

God has already instructed His people to obey Him, live by His statutes and instruct their children in those statutes.  These children should also instruct their children as well so that His righteousness is established throughout generations.  We now live in a society where this trend has been broken.  As a result, nations have been born where God is not honored as He should be. 

As the Gospel continues to be preached, individuals in families have been born again (accepting Jesus into their hearts).  Being born again is desirable.  It means the old evil and sinful nature is gone and a new life with reverence for God and respect for others and justice has been embraced. 

Some families have received this with joy and others turned against the new believers.  If you received Jesus Christ as a youth, you may pray for the rest of your family, share the truth with them in order to save those who may be saved, but remember the greatest focus must be on your spiritual growth and a righteous family from you.  To be successful, focus ahead, not backward.

If you are female ensure you chose a partner who fears God.  There are some who thought they were born again but failed during the search for the right partner.  They ceased to trust God and instead focused on physical criterion; money, appearance and wealth.  Some have ended up being married to persons with an anti-Christ spirit and have eventually failed. 

If you are male, be prepared for overwhelming challenges if you are ranking physical attractiveness against the beauty of heart.  Look for a partner that fears God, with whom you can raise a God-fearing family. 

Satan has planted sour seeds in so many families over the world that many of them are only united by a roof, but inside they are completely divided and ever quarreling.  That’s not what God intended.  If you are still quarreling please know that’s the enemy’s seed in your family.  God desires everyone to live with each other in harmony, sober, loving and ready to pray.  It’s sad to note that in our homes we are often competing, jealous and careless about one another.  It’s very important to pray and read the word of God together regularly. 

Even in our homes; ordained, non-ordained or inspired-only ministers, sometimes we quarrel. We shouldn’t judge our partners but ourselves. May God forgive us. We must put an end to this as much as possible on our side. We must defeat our enemy on that as well.

We can make a difference, if we walk with Christ all our lifetime.  Praying and fasting as a family, studying God’s Word daily and living obedient lives will help us shine God’s light in our families, neighborhoods and the entire world. Please do not subject young children to fasting. We stand capable of transforming our families by the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Stand firm, he who has called us is faithful and will give us victory.[2]          

Let the Love of God reign in your family.  Please love your parents.  Parents love your children.  Love your bother, and sister. Husbands love your wives; wives love your husbands. The love of God starts from the family. This divine relationship is important and reflects the love we all have with our God.

In consideration that many people may need this message today, please freely share with your friends and family as you see appropriate.  You can also use the contact page on this blog to order for a digital copy of 40 Days of Reconciliation book . A copy will cost you as little as Ush 5,000 or $2 to support the next book.

[1] Joshua 7

[2] 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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