Day 29: Seven Habits of a Growing Christian: Prayer and Fasting

40 Days of Reconciliation Series

By Emmanuel Many

“But the day will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast.”  Mark 2:20 (GNT)

Prayer and fasting is a sure way to overwhelming victory.  If you want God to rewrite your history, follow Jesus’ example.  Even when He was God in the form of man, Jesus went to a lonely place in the desert where he spent 40 days and nights praying and fasting.   He was preparing for ministry. 

When the Jews in Susa were threatened to be destroyed in a genocide plot by Haman, they fasted for 3 days and nights without drinking or eating anything, asking God to save them from the upcoming danger.  Prayer and fasting have been the most significant pathway to regaining a closer relationship with God and to the assurance of victory.  Prayer and fasting have led to the miraculous healing of incurable diseases.

Do not only pray, learn to fast as well.  People who do not know God, including some who may be serving ministers, will discourage you from fasting.  Forgive them and move ahead. Regard their sabotage as the work of Satan.  Do not yield to the voice of your enemy.  He wants your life.  In his attempts he will try to discourage you using even your closest friends and relatives who are opposed to the Holy Spirit.  Such people are opposed to God because they love themselves more and are overly preoccupied with earthily things.  Their disobedience has led to gross bondage.  Do not follow their example. 

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